Thank you for pledging to Stand with Asian Americans. Our priority is to stop the violence against the Asian American community and inspire a generation of Asian American activists to create a movement towards equity and justice for all.

Invest in Ending Violence & Elevating Voices

We’ve set a goal of raising $12M over the next year. We’ll use the funds to invest in the following activities:

Catalyst Fund for Justice makes data-driven investments that ignite the movement

Activating Asian Voices is creating the next generation of activists

JEDI workplaces is focused on developing equitable work environments for all

Committed to investing in nonprofits and high-impact projects that move the movement forward.Committed to activities that move our coalition from 7k signatures to 5m active voices.Committed to obtaining active pledges from corporations to create the systems and conversations needed for change.
Using data-driven frameworks to identify grantees and get meaningful leverage out of dollars.Funding media outreach, social campaigns and training leaders to tell our stories so we can shatter the model minority myth.Investing in building a business roundtable and diversity reporting so we can create meaningful conversations and lasting impact in the workplace.
First 100 Days
Making initial grants and developing a comprehensive guide to AAPI giving that will move metrics.

Grow our coalition to 10 strong. Seed chapters in NYC, Seattle & LA. Launch our next social media campaign.

Request action during APA Heritage Month for leaders and ERGs to share their pledge with their company.


Why invest in Stand with Asian Americans?

Our mission is to build the largest coalition of entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and activists unified in lifting the AAPI community. We have collectively created companies worth billions of dollars and are now using our talent and ingenuity to galvanize the next generation of Asian American activism. We’re a national organization with local chapters in SF Bay Area, NYC and Seattle. We’re adding more everyday. Consider providing us with the capital we need to fund our collective movement towards justice and equity for all.

What is the Catalyst Fund for Justice?

CFJ is a venture fund serving the AAPI community that provides transformative grants/capital, technical talent and capacity-building tools for AAPI nonprofits. The CFJ is distinct in the ecosystem because we are building data sets and aggregating public data about the AAPI nonprofit sector in a tangible way to inform our grantmaking and providing this data to equip other key decision makers in the spheres of policy, philanthropy, media and business. To date, there is no other organization filling this critical gap.

CFJ will be publishing its inaugural investment recommendation list in summer 2021, complete with fully researched profiles and investment memos for each grantee.

Are donations tax deductible?

We are partnered with the Asian Pacific Fund, which has served the AAPI community for over 30 years. All SWAA donations are housed at APF and are tax-deductible.

What is JEDI?

We believe Justice has been missing from current conversations around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Our goal is to uplevel current DEI efforts in organizations to better serve all underrepresented groups. A good first step would be to ensure Asian Americans are considered in diversity conversations, so we can be a catalyst for change.