Our Work - Stand with Asian Americans

Our Work


Hate Crimes

We work to raise awareness of the continuing violence against the community and commemorate the lives lost through nationally organized events – like 3/16 Always With Us.  We continue to advocate for policies that expand the definitions of hate crimes so victims and their families get justice.

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Workplace Discrimination

Reporting Discrimination

Facing racism and discrimination can be especially difficult and daunting when it’s at your place of work. You spend the majority of your waking hours there and it can be stressful to think about how to support yourself and possibly your family if you report discrimination. SwAA supports victims by connecting them to legal counsel, providing mental health services and media advisory.

Please also note that SwAA is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice, but we are here to support you.

Report Workplace Discrimination

Employee Resource Group

Asian American ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) play a crucial role in creating safe and supportive workplaces for people from historically marginalized groups through trainings, guides and more. We partner with Asian Leaders Alliance (ALA) and company ERGs to support AAPI employees.

Political Voice

Voter Mobilization

Through SwAA Act, our political and advocacy arm, we provide grants and partner with organizations to register AAPI voters. By mobilizing Asian Americans to exercise their right to vote, we aim to change policies that elevate our community.

In 2022, we provided a $100k grant to APIAVote to increase AAPI college student turnout in critical midterm states – Georgia and Arizona. We assisted APIAVote in conducting an Randomized Control Trial (RCT) to prove the effectiveness of the initiative.


AAPI Resourcing

We strive to provide small scale grants to help promising concepts and worthy organizations with the resources they need to do good work for the community. SwAA has provided grants to the following organizations – StopAAPIHate, AAPI Women Lead, NAPAWF, Asian Americans Advancing Justice.