Letter - Stand with Asian Americans



We, the Asian American business leaders of America, are tired, angry and afraid — and not for the first time.

We are tired of being treated as less than American, subject to harassment and now, every day, we read about another member of our community being physically attacked — simply for being Asian. We are afraid for the safety of our loved ones. We are angry that our families can no longer go outside in their own neighborhoods where they have lived for decades because it may not be safe.

We have given a lot to this country where we were born or to which we immigrated. Our community includes your cashiers, your teachers, your cooks, your doctors, your dry cleaners, your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends. We cut your nails. We write your code. We, together, have launched rovers to Mars and back. Many of us have created jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans. We choose to make America our home and we strive every day to make America better — just like you.

We don’t deserve to live in fear in our own country. The vitriol has made Asians the targets of this blame. Rhetoric matters. The “China Virus.” “Kung Flu.” Those words were an open invitation to hate and the result has been a 150% rise over the past year in reported hate crimes against the Asian American community, disproportionately against Asian women.

We ask for your support in ending violence against Asian Americans. We no longer want to fear being stabbed from behind, fatally knocked to the ground, having acid thrown on our face or gunned down like the mothers and grandmothers in Atlanta. We no longer want to see photos of bruised and battered Asian seniors with GoFundMe links asking for support. It is critical that we also acknowledge that the violence we are experiencing has been the daily reality for our Black, Latinx, Indigenous and LGBTQ communities.

The Asian American business leaders in our community are committed to fighting for change. The change that is needed requires a national awakening and a dialogue that involves leaders from every community if we are to undo the generations of systemic bias and racism. We are business leaders. We can help make change happen.

Today, we pledge:

To fight violence against Asians, we are collectively committing $10M over the next year. Through our partner, Asian Pacific Community Fund, we will support these and other community-based organizations.

  • StopAAPIHate allows victims to report and document hate incidents, which is critical because hate crimes against Asians have historically been underreported.
  • AAPI Women Lead and NAPAWF recognize that the fight for Asian American justice is intersectional, and therefore protect and support Asian American women.
  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a national network with a presence in Atlanta, defends those impacted by hate crimes and ensures that they have proper legal representation. Their work empowers Asian Americans and creates a more just America for all.
  • Association for Asian American Studies conducts research and education on the causes and solutions to Asian racism.

To support Asian employees, we commit to creating and funding AAPI employee resource groups to ensure Asian employees, especially women who bear the brunt of the harassment, have a safe space to tell their stories, receive support and report discrimination without fear of retaliation.

To ensure representation, we commit to reporting out on diversity of all groups and to redefine Asian Americans as a group worth representation at all levels of the organization.

As Asian American community activist Grace Lee Boggs said:

You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.

We ask that you join us in ending discrimination and violence against the Asian community and all marginalized communities. Enough is enough. Stand with us.

Whether you are Asian or an ally, click below to sign and join our movement.

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